Social Witness and Activism

Quaker Peace, Social Witness and Equality steering group

In turbulent times we might be finding it difficult to know what we can do to create the better world that is our vision.

As Quakers we are impelled by our faith to make our lives an active witness for peace and justice. Our historic testimonies to equality, justice, peace, simplicity and truth challenge us to alleviate suffering and seek positive social change. 
The Quaker Peace and Social Witness Equality (QPSWE) steering group is planning activities which we hope will make it easier to take part. We aim to encourage and coordinate our faith in action. 

Climate Justice

Do our current Advices and Queries spell out current dilemmas sufficiently, and in particular do they help us to think about new areas of challenge, particularly how using animal products is contributing strongly to climate change.

How do we make best use of our on-line possibilities?

We can meet more easily on-line, enable access for those who are less mobile, and of course for a lower emission of carbon. But we do lose some of the joy of meeting, and the process of communication can be frustrating.  So, we are trying out some new ways to do this.

Becoming an Anti-Racist Faith Community

How are we helping to make this a reality in our Meeting?  What more do we need to do, and what are the steps we can take?