Brighton Quaker Meeting is part of Sussex West Area Quaker Meeting, and together we have policy and practice which helps us to safeguard children and adults who are part of our Meeting.

Abuse is unacceptable. Everyone, including children and vulnerable adults, have a right to participate in Quaker communities without suffering harm. We are committed to keeping everyone safe.

Quakers recognise that of God in everyone. All children, young people and adults deserve respect, value and appropriate care. Our care extends to people who are at risk of abuse, have been abused and to those who may be perpetrators. We apply the Quaker national approach to assessing and managing risks from those who have a record of offending.

Sussex West Quaker Meeting is committed to the robust implementation of these policies and practices. We believe that they offer the best protection for those adults and young people in our Meetings who may be at risk of harm. There are three main strands to this work:

  • the prevention of harm through careful checks and safe procedures
  • the taking of effective action where harm is found or suspected
  • the care of those who may be affected by harm

Read our safeguarding policy (PDF format)

Details of Local and Area Safeguarding Coordinators are here:

  • Local Meeting Safeguarding Coordinator: Becky Vaughan
  • Area Meeting Safeguarding Coordinator: Mike Coote